Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shaun's wedding proposal

It was a surprise wedding proposal that involved a poolside area, balloons, lots of planning, a diomond ring from Tiffany and 100 people! How it was kept a secret for so long beats me!

The scene was set!

The balloons ready!

The weather was great, the scenery from the poolside was beautiful!

There were even "Will You Marry Me?" t-shirts for the 100 guests to change into.

And here's a group that's changed and ready! Looking good folks! =)

The Ring =)

And soon...they arrived. They story was, that he was taking her to attend his client's annual dinner. That was the only way to get her dressed up =)

As they walked in and he lead her up the stage, I guess it dawned upon her what was about to happen.

He sang to her...

...and then went down on his knees and asked, "Christine, will you marry me?"

"YES" she said. So into her finger, he slipped the ring =)

The crowd celebrated...

...and cheered for him =)

And they enjoyed the rest of the evening =)

The proposal crew! =)

Congratulations both of you! =)