Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jonathan & Esther

It was a wedding that took us travelling from Johor, to Singapore, to Kuala Lumpur.

An early 5am start.


Wasabe...a staple for gate-crashing games...

All ready :)

Yup....still dark...

And we're ready...


Let the games begin!


The guys were really flexible...


Bruce Lee?? :o


"I love you baby....lalalalalalala...."


Ok folks....job well done....onward to Singapore!

Church decoration.


Mr & Mrs!

Time for dinner back in Johor.


Lively entrance.

Thanking God for the food.

Father of the Groom.


Godparents of the bride.

First song presentation for the evening.

Best man's speech.

Second song presentation for the evening.!!

Third song presentation for the evening by the bride and groom.  Yes, they are quite a musical family :)

A bit of help from the little guy ;-)

Continuing the celebration in Kuala Lumpur.

Lovely cake!

A jiggle and a dance by the bride and groom as they entered.

Father of the bride.

The lovely time-keeper for the evening.

The man that brought the bride and groom together.  Secrets revealed ;-p

Yup...the evening cannot go by without a song presentation :)

Song by the bride and groom.  Now this really got the crowd going.

Congratulations you two!

- Photographs by Olivia Oon and Ho Chin Yee