Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Yeow's

I think everyone was just waking up when I arrived, so I sat and had a lovely chat with Mr Yeow, who would be turning 60 soon.

His day started with the reading of the newspaper at the patio.

Soon, everyone was up and helping dad set the table for breakfast.

After breakfast, it was time for everyone to get dressed for the photoshoot.

...and they were ready....

Oh...and Einstein decided that he wasn't getting enough attention and did this haha...

I finally met the gentle gorgeous Labrador (whose name I forgot!)

And we managed a full family photograph =)

Happy Birthday Mr Yeow! =)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shanker & Juanita

It was a lovely wedding. We felt as though we were photographing and videographing our own family members. Everyone was so nice and lovely... oh ... and the amount of laughter we had =D


Father of the bride.

Mother of the bride.

And...they were was an emotional and touching moment for all...

The flower girls were just sooooo cute!! haha...

Now that's a really really stressed bridesmaid... =O

SFX is a beautiful church...

"With this ring..."

Yes!!! Mr & Mrs!! =)

New family.

They are such a funny couple!

So here's the story. His is red. Hers is blue. And the borrowed a white. Mazda I mean ;-)

Yes, dinner was filled with laughter.

He can sing.

He can dance.

And they danced the night away... =)

Congratulations Shanker and Juanita! =)