Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wai Kee's 2nd Pregnancy

A fun shoot with the family and for Wai Kee who's expecting no. 2 =)  Feels almost like yesterday when Caycc was still in mummy's tummy.  Time has flown =)

Can't wait to meet baby Caylee =)

The Puah's

 It was a simple family portrait session.  We transformed the living room into a studio.  Always great to have a white wall and white ceiling =)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Jason & Eileen

As usual, it's an early start for the bride.  But unlike many other brides who have trouble sleeping the night before, Eileen managed to get lots of sleep and was well-rested, which was good as it was gonna be a long 18-hour day ahead :)

Love the flowers :)

Almost ready :)

Meanwhile, Jason was getting a bit of help from his sis :)


One funny shot for the album!

All Jasons.....

The ladies are ready too :)

Sooooo adorable...

Cili padi? No sweat!

Final ang pow before the bride.

Great job guys! church!!!

Personally think this is a great idea!

Too cute la...

2 cell groups together.

Time for dinner.

A quick pic with sis who is a great photographer herself!

Instruction 1: Anytime during the evening, if the guests clapped their hands, the groom will have to run to the bride and do a bollywood dance.

Yup! That's the way :)

Pastor John with a short message for the couple and then giving thanks for the food.

Instruction 2: Anytime during the evening, if the guests clinked their glasses, the bride will have give the groom a kiss ;-)


Eileen surrounded by Jasons...

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Jason Koh :)

Photographs by Olivia Oon and Ho Chin Yee.