Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chun Hee & Geralyn - continued celebrations

Chun Hee and Geralyn (Chin Mien) continued their wedding celebrations from Alor Setar to Kuala Lumpur. As in Alor Setar, the wedding celebration was a blast, as it always is when good friends are present!

Choa and Lou, friends of the couple, preparing their MC scripts for the evening.

The children keeping themselves occupied before the start of the dinner.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chun Hee & Geralyn

I am still amazed at the variety of wedding traditions we have. Cross a state border, and things are done slightly different...

The groom is from Alor Setar. So celebrations were held in this land of paddy fields! =)

The bride's mum & dad are such are cute couple =)

Helping mum with her makeup.


The guys...

People from Alor Setar definitely know how to party! The young...

...and not-so-young...partied the evening away! ;-D