Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kevin & Brenda

We arrived Malacca close to dinner time and went on the usual tourist route =)

We walked the length of Jonker Street, played around with fun shots...

...and found time between touring to take photos of Kevin & Brenda.

It rained the next morning, but we were not deterred ;-)

It's great to have friends with you on a shoot. If you look closely, you'll see three tiny spots in the photo...

Perrine and Lizzie were blowing bubbles and Andrew was trying to fan it down, hoping it'll end up near Kevin & Brenda, and be in the photo ;-p Not an easy task as the bubbles floated upwards!

We were delighted to discover this lovely corridor...

The morning rain brought along with it the cool breeze, which we were extremely thankful for when we went outdoors =)

Kevin was really strong! He carried Brenda for quite a while, maintaining the same smile, while I snapped away =p

Finally!!! Some bubbles making it into the frame =)

Brenda with her "manja" look ;-)

Was a great weekend away! Here's another fun shot of the lot! ;-)