Thursday, April 24, 2008

Charge Up! 2008!

Just came back from Charge Up! Conference 2008 organised by Livewire! Here are some photographs of my Web stream team. It was a tough class but we made it through ;-)

Alex - Our technical coach

PohSim - Our creative coach

SayTar - Our drummer...

...and funny guy

Gerald - A gentle soul

Err...sound check??

And finally, as with my tradition of self-portraits...a self-portrait of 7 people with my 24-70mm!

See you at Charge Up! 2009!!!


Eden Community Service Centre said...


Thanks for take care of us during de charge up..

by the way..

this is my email add

keep contact^^

Anonymous said...

You know, we could have squeezed at least 2-3 more people in that shot.

Or... 1 Eric.


Oli - Stilling Your Moments - said... mean!!! better hope that Eric doesn't read this! =p