Sunday, July 6, 2008

Planet Earth

I have always loved globes and world maps. I recently purchased a globe puzzle, passed it to a friend and she pieced it together for me within a week! =)

The part of the world where I am from.

Ahh...beautiful New Zealand... ;-)

And finally, a country I would really like to visit one day....Japan =)


Ann said...

Where did you get it from and how much? Looks interesting too!

I think I would like one of a building! Got?

Added you in my blog (at last!). :)

Oli - Stilling Your Moments - said...

Got it from a puzzle shop in KLCC =) Cost RM300++ 540-piece puzzle =)

Yes, they have buildings too! =)

the boggler said...

Hey! So cool how there's like a visual theme going on in the 3 images... the islands of Borneo, New Zealand & Japan! =D