Saturday, June 6, 2009


I spent a day and half with participants of the Diocesan Worship Conference 2009 held at St Peter's Church, Ipoh. The Conference theme was "Transformers". During the photography workshop (the second portion, to be precise), my three cameras were passed around for the participants (mostly the youth) to have a feel of it. When the cameras came back to me, they were filled 300++ photographs =) =) Here are a few from the 300++ photographs taken by whoever had a go had my cameras...mostly the youths... =) =)

The youths...

I had fun processing some of their shots =)

I think they got quite excited when they got the camera to focus on the ring and bokeh-ing the back part of the hand =)

I thought the photograph in this point & shoot was quite interesting =)

....and they didn't leave me out... haha....thanks for including me in your shots guys and gals =)

And well...that's the lot of us, from the song writing, worship leading, sound engineering and photography workshop of the conference! =)

To those who participated in the photography workshop, remember...the camera is not the transformer...YOU are! Happy shooting ;-)

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Deborah Ng said...

Glad you went for this conference and was able to impact the younger generation! :)