Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kim Hong & Shen Yee - wedding day

It was a great wedding day to be a part of =) Makeup began at 5am! So, neither the bride, nor the videographer, nor I, had enough sleep the night before =O So it was a blessing that the makeup artist was a little late. It meant we had time for coffee! ;-)

Her lovely gown from White 'n Lacy.

Bright and cheery after coffee ;-p

The groom.

Yes, he arrived in a 7-seater!

Driving a hard bargain!

All smiles! =D

The "Chi-Mui's".

The "Heng-Tai's". I must say, they were a great lively bunch! Very good sports! =)

"Heng Tai's", "Chi-Mui's" and the couple. All's good! =)

Kim Hong taking his bride home =)


After a short rest, we headed off for a short portrait session. It was a hot hot hot day! But I think we managed to have fun =)

And finally, some funnies with their friends who joined us =)

Look at them jump!! =)

Congratulations Kim Hong and Shen Yee! =)