Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chris & Hsien Chun - wedding day

Hsien Chun was perhaps, the most relaxed bride I have seen =) Perhaps a bit too relaxed, as we had to scurry to church in the end, just in time for her bridal march down the aisle..haha =p

Nevertheless, the wedding was simple and sweet, with lots of laughter =)

Getting ready with the bridesmaid.

A very happy groom =)

A "formal" shot for the parents.

Then, a bit of fun =)

Immediate family members take the stage.

Congratulations Chris & Hsien Chun! =) =)


Deborah Ng said...

Really gorgeous shots! I like the first pic with the shoes on the piano :) Very creative! Both bride and groom look picture perfect :)

Oli - Stilling Your Moments - said...

Credit goes to Mei Yee for the shoes. She was the one that placed it there. She even "polished" the piano! =)

hackedagain said...

Very Good!

Jiawen / Inkypots said...

yeah i love how the shoes are slightly pressing down two keys. and i watched mei yee polish that piano heheheh. beautiful shots oli :)