Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shanker & Juanita

It was a lovely wedding. We felt as though we were photographing and videographing our own family members. Everyone was so nice and lovely... oh ... and the amount of laughter we had =D


Father of the bride.

Mother of the bride.

And...they were was an emotional and touching moment for all...

The flower girls were just sooooo cute!! haha...

Now that's a really really stressed bridesmaid... =O

SFX is a beautiful church...

"With this ring..."

Yes!!! Mr & Mrs!! =)

New family.

They are such a funny couple!

So here's the story. His is red. Hers is blue. And the borrowed a white. Mazda I mean ;-)

Yes, dinner was filled with laughter.

He can sing.

He can dance.

And they danced the night away... =)

Congratulations Shanker and Juanita! =)


HC said...

Absolutely beautiful pics Olivia...! Can't believe you made me jump that high!!! Yong - the monkey in front of the white car...

Oli - Stilling Your Moments - said...

You jumped very well, monkey ;-)

PaulOS said...

Hey oli, this is my fren and his new wife.. :D

PIty i couldn't make it.. otherwise you'd see me and my band playing also..

PaulOS said...

Oli... small world eh... this is my fren's wedding.. pity i couldn't make it.. otherwise you'd see me and my band there too. haahaha. take care..

Oli - Stilling Your Moments - said...

Paul!! Small world indeed!!! =)