Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nicholas & Yiing

She is Hakka. He is Kelabit.

It was a beautiful beautiful wedding....the people, the air, the laughter, the love...beautiful...


Going through the final details for the day...

The sister.

The mother.

And finally...the Bride.

Now, his...

Getting the gown on is not an easy process...

but trust them to put an element of fun in everything! ;-)

Almost ready...


Easily the best handover I have seen =)


The biggest group!

Love the menu!

Yup! They are quite a fun couple ;-)

Traditional Kelabit dance.

The gift exchange between family members - a Kelabit tradition.

Cute! Just warms my heart.

SIB Media Crew!

Very nice backdrop!

Congratulations!! =)