Friday, January 28, 2011

A fruitful weekend!

I spent the last weekend in Singapore at Jenny Sun Photography workshop. Really enjoyed being a participant. Jenny was great in sharing and showing us how she does things, her thought processes, successes and struggles. I left the workshop encouraged and refreshed =)

It was a rainy weekend, so we were very thankful for the pockets of time when the rain held back and allowed us a little time to play =)

Beautiful Ee-va.

Funny Edwin.


Their little moment together when not surrounded by us photographers =p

Sweet & romantic Derrick & Wan Leng

Showing off their slightly quirky side ;-)

Just sweet....

Jenny and the lot of us! =)

Ee-va, Edwin, Derrick, Wan Leng, thank you so much! Hope you had a great time with us.

i. Flowers: Garrick Goh of Redcorner Floral Shop, SG. +6598462599
ii. Dresses: Pretty In White
iii. Hair/makeup: Angie Ng Makeup
iv. Styled/Setup: JSP Team


Rui Di said...

and now i see alot of Jenny Sun in you already :) hehe see you in Charge Up?

Oli - Stilling Your Moments - said...

Yes, see u at Charge Up! =)

Eduard Kooij said...

Beautiful couple !! I think you weekend going so good , you have capture nice photographs . Nice blog ..

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