Sunday, October 30, 2011

Han Eng & Yi Ling

The day started with a good breakfast at 6.30am and makeup at 7.30am. The sun was up and light filled the room. Nice! =)

Lovely shoes.

Is that really you "ah yee?"

Arrival of the "chi muis"

Mum & daughter.


"We're ready!"

"Kiss me! Kiss me!"

An ang pow for each "chi mui". Yay! =)

Finally allowed entry into the bride's room =)

Some egg thingy from mum-in-law =)

And this one was for me!! One hand to receive the tea, one hand to snap the picture ;-)

Entering the groom's family home.

Entertainment for the evening.

Dad walked her in.... the groom.

And final shot with the lovely couple. Congratulations you two! =)

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