Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jason & Bee Bee

This will be a looooong post!

Sunshine & rain. My most exciting wedding shoot yet! So glad to have Nicholas Leong shooting alongside me =)

The "chi muis" ready for the groom's entourage to arrive.

Look at them move!



"Negotiating" with the mother-of-the-bride to open the door.

"I love you baby...."

"Louder! Louder!"

Now...onward to the hotel.

A walk around the park...

...with the sun shining brightly =)

Look at who we found...the dancers! =)

Let's put them to work ;-)

A closer look....nice jump!

Time to prepare for the holy matrimony.

Beautiful venue!

Pastors officiating the wedding and delivering the message.

Dancers are ready!

And so are the wedding ministry people =D

Oh oh....rain....start praying...

Spirits are not dampened by the rain =)

At this stage, it was pouring!

Yes!! Mr and Mrs! =)

All drenched but the rain has finally slowed down to a drizzle =)

Look at who came to visit? =p

The way the guys do it.

The way the girls do it! ;-D

After shooting an entire hour in the rain and being completely drenched from head to toe, people asked if my camera gear was waterproof. I told them, "my gear is not waterproof, but I am". The very next day (Sunday) I fell sick. Nicholas had to go on medical leave on Monday. I guess we were NOT waterproof haha=p

Still, with the rain and all, it was my most exciting wedding shoot yet! =D

Finally, a shot with the bride and groom! Congratulations!!! =)

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Nicholas Leong said...

Awesome shots :D And yeah guess we weren't water resistant after all :P