Monday, May 11, 2009

Jason & Jenny

This was a celebration, not only of love between two people, but also of family and friendships. Dinner was a one-hundred-table affair! I admit, there was a moment where I too had to hold back my tears.

And the "chi mui's"...well, they were the most fun bunch I've met so far =) They were also the most lenient. The "heng tai's" didn't have to go through too much to help the groom get his bride ;-)

IMG_2815 copy

IMG_0415 copy

IMG_2843 copy

IMG_2841 copy

IMG_3004 copy

IMG_3006 copy

IMG_3014 copy

IMG_3020 copy

IMG_3019 copy

A grandpa-grandson moment =)
IMG_0450 copy

IMG_3039 copy

IMG_3052 copy

IMG_0510 copy

IMG_3079 copy

IMG_3131 copy

IMG_3213 copy1 copy

IMG_3209 copy

IMG_3345 copy

IMG_3362 copy

IMG_3383 copy

IMG_3403 copy

IMG_3425 copy

IMG_3474 copy

IMG_3483 copy1 copy

IMG_3491 copy

IMG_3667 copy

IMG_3682 copy

IMG_3697 copy copy

IMG_3712 copy1 copy

IMG_3716 copy2 copy

IMG_3727 copy1 copy

IMG_0592 copy

IMG_0676 copy

IMG_0772 copy

IMG_0780 copy2 copy

IMG_0781 copy

IMG_0799 copy

IMG_0805 copy1 copy

IMG_0833 copy

IMG_0821 copy

IMG_3934 copy

The evening ended with the celebration of two of the "chi mui's" birthday =)
IMG_4076 copy1 copy

1 comment:

Nora said...

Hi Olivia,
your talent is incredible! i dontnormallywrite....but i told myself that i should as thiskindawork is very impressive. the shot on just the guys (5) in their white shirts and black pants is very cool and the girls pix are so candid and real!
bottomline : simply lovely.