Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little Caycc

In November 2008, Caycc was still in her mummy's tummy. Today, she's an active little baby who has just learnt to sit =) So....time for her first photoshoot!

Babies are soooooooooo adorable and great to photograph. They smile, laugh and look cute in front of the camera with absolutely no effort, and no worry about whether or not they look good on camera, which is great! =)

First few snaps of her...she had this "who are you?" look =O

After that...she just let me snap away...haha..

Getting sleepy...

Having fun with mummy =)

Hi there!

Oi!! Who turned off the lights???!!

Time to change clothes sweetie...

In Caycc's mouth...a rubber duck!

We couldn't get her to part with her rubber duck!

Time for food...

Ahh....what a life!

Verdict on mummy's cooking?

It’s a “Thumbs up”! ;-)


WaiKee said...

Thank you aunt Olivia for taking nice pictures of me. Caycc's loves you. Kissy..Kissy..

Oli - Stilling Your Moments - said...

haha....funny you.... ;-p

Maggie said... adorable!! n_n