Saturday, August 15, 2009

Alvin & Jaclyn - continued celebrations

Alvin & Jaclyn continued their wedding celebrations the following Saturday, same time, same place, for their parents to share their joy with their friends. It almost felt like deja vu as I walked into the dinner venue.

At first glance, everything seemed the same, BUT...

...this week saw a band with a saxophonist.

...who ushered the couple into the dinner venue...

...through a rain of confetti.

It was also a more relaxed atmosphere for the couple as their parents played host =)

They cut the cake...

...poured "champagne"...

....and enjoyed each other's company =)

This week....they danced =)

And soon...the parents, and others, joined in as well, which was sweet =)

The "yum seng" session was really lifely! These "older" folks really know how to party!

It is heart-warming to see long-time friends gather together. I guess, when I get older, I will probably be having reunion with my old friends during their kids' weddings as well ;-)

Here's to a fantastic journey in marriage together!

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