Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hafiz & Shina - Akad Nikah should I start?? It was a year of planning, culminating with over 3 days of celebration over two weekends! The family members of the bride and groom were lovely. They kept making sure I felt at home with them. Thanks folks! =) Here are the photos from the "akad nikah".

As always, the bride starts early with the makeup.

All ready to leave for the mosque.

The groom was all ready at the mosque when we got there.

The ceremony begins.

Listening to the Tok Kadi.

A handshake, and it is done!

A happy father-of-the-bride =)

A touching moment. Even I had to hold back my tears.

The wife's first act.

The husband's first act.

It's always great to have close friends witness your special day. Even got them to do a jump shot in the mosque ;-)

Mr. & Mrs.!

A quick change of clothes into something traditional.

 the spirit of 1Malaysia...Shina changed into something Chinese ;-)

She looks good eh? =)

Congratulations Hafiz & Shina! More in the next post!

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inatiffany said...

Thanks Oli for your wonderful pic..You are the best photographer over all.! Thanks to be our official photographer , your good works and ideas is very precious.

I love all your pics and can't wait for the draft.