Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chris & Hsien Chun

It was an outing full of sunshine and laughter ;-D Chris and Chun were real sports. Basically, whenever I asked them to "jump again", they just said "ok!" and jumped! The heat and wet grass were no deterrent either. Speaking of which, I think I am still a few shades darker after the shoot! =o

Yes, Chris is a very funny guy =D

This is probably my favourite piggy-back shot todate.

A bit of fun ;-)

Look at them jump!

Another jump! They're quite good eh?!

That's it folks...till the wedding day ;-)


Anonymous said...

the shots are so natural and happy go lucky! great work oli!

Lee Peng said...

Great work Oli! My fav is the 3rd picture - black and white with Hsien Chun leaning on Chris's back. Simply spell the word - BLISS!

Hsien Chun, you're looking stunning & CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Deborah Ng said...

Beautiful pics!! :) Very natural and happy! Great job again!

Congratulations to Chris and Hsien Chun.. looking forward to your wedding!

Anonymous said...